All local bodies come under the purview of the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Responsibility of Municipalities

Every municipality is responsible to provide facilities for collection, storage, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of solid wastes. They are also required to obtain Authorisation of the Board for operating these facilities. The Application for Authorisation is available at all offices of the Board, free of cost, or can be downloaded from this web site.

Responsibility of State Government

The Department of Urban Development in the State has overall responsibility for enforcement of these rules in metropolitan cities. The District Collectors have the over all responsibility to enforce the rules in their jurisdiction.

Responsibility of the Board

On the urban local bodies and operators applying for Authorisation for handling/processing/disposing solid wastes, the Board is to issue/refuse Authorisation. The Board is to monitor compliance with the conditions of the Authorisation and to take appropriate follow up action.

Implementation of the Rules

  1. All the 58 urban local bodies in the State have been apprised of the Rules. They have been instructed to apply for Authorisation. A seminar was organised in association with Local Administration (Urban Development) Department for the Chairpersons and Secretaries of Corporations and Municipalities of the State.
  2. All the Development Authorities in the State were addressed to identify and hand over landfill sites to the urban local bodies. Where there is no Development Authority the urban local body has been asked to identify the landfill site.
  3. The Board is proposing to create a date bank exclusively on technologies for collection, storage, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste. The assistance of the Central Pollution Control Board has been sought in the matter.
  4. The urban local bodies in the state have been asked to modify all existing open garbage dumps into sanitary landfills.

Guidelines & Standards for Management of Municipal Solid Wastes
Forms under MSW Rules

Municipal Corporations30,000.00 INR
Municipalities20,000.00 INR
Others10,000.00 INR

Committee to advise the Board

A committee has been constituted by the Government to advice the Board on the implementation of the Rules. The committee has the following members:

Advisory Committee

  1. The Chairman, Kerala State Pollution Control Board Chairman
  2. The Director, Municipal Administration or his Nominee
  3. The Chief Town Planner or his nominee
  4. The Director, Ground Water Department or his nominee
  5. The Chief Conservator of Forests or his nominee
  6. The Head, Civil Engineering Department, College OF Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram
  7. The Director, Health Services or his nominee
  8. The Director, Science Technology and Environment Department
  9. The Member Secretary, Kerala State Pollution Control Board Convenor


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