Industries have to monitor the quality of effluent discharged and emission made.The result of such monitoring is to be submitted to the Board at stipulated intervals The monitoring and analysis is to be got performed through laboratories approved by the Board. Approval of such laboratories is granted by the Board after being satisfied with the facilities and manpower available at the laboratory. Laboratories are classified in to three Grades A, B and C based on the analytical capability of the laboratory. Laboratories are further categorised into three on the basis of whether they are attached to institutions (academic), to industries (industrial ) or independent establishments (commercial) for fixing norms for granting of approval by the Board.

Fee Structure


Analysis of Solids &
Liquids (Effluents & Water)

                   (in Rs.)

Analysis of Gases
(Emission & Air)

          (in Rs.)

Laboratories doing analysis of commercial samplesGrade A                  15,000/-         15,000/-
Grade B                  10,000/-         10,000/-
Grade C                    8,000/-           8,000/-
Laboratories attached to industry for analysis of samples exclusively from the industryGrade A                   10,000/-         10,000/-
Grade B                     7,000/-           7,000/-
Grade C                     5,000/-           5,000/-
Laboratories attached to engineering colleges and other academic institutionsGrade A                     7,000/-           7,000/-
Grade B                     5,000/-           5,000/-
Grade C                     3,000/-           3,000/-

* The Fee shall be paid as DD drawn in favour of Kerala State Pollution Control Board Payable at Ernakulam.
* The validity period of the Approval shall be 2 years.
* Only the laboratories having NABL accreditation would be considered for approval as "A" Grade Laboratories.
* The application form for laboratory approval can be downloaded from the Boards website free of cost.
* All Government Analytical Laboratories possess standing Approval.
* The completed application is to be submitted in duplicate to the Chief Environmental Scientist, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Gandhi Nagar, Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, Pin-682 020.
* The late fee for the late submission of application for renewal of approval of laboratory according to the duration of the delay is as given below:

  • Less than 6 months : 50% of the fee as fine
  • More than 6 months but less than 2 years : 75% of the application fee as fine
  • More than 2 years : 150% of the application fee as fine.

* All large, medium & small scale industries are required to furnish analysis reports at least from A, B & C Grade Laboratories respectively.


C.1. The laboratory shall carry out analysis only for the parameters authorised by the Board in the certificate of approval.
C.2. The laboratory shall carry out the analysis of samples as per IS, APHA, code of Federal Regulations and should specify the method in the analysis report.
C.3. The results of analysis of samples shall be properly recorded and the registers should be made available to the Board officials as and when requested for, verification.
C.4. The laboratory and the analysts employed participate in Analytical Quality Control exercises organised by the Board.
C.5. If the laboratory desires to make mention of its approval by the Board in its letterheads, printed material, signboards etc. it shall specify the period of recognition as certified by the Board.
C.6. On the basis of infrastructure facilities, instruments and analytical capabilities, the laboratories are classified into 3 grades.

Grade A - Sophisticated Laboratory
Grade B - Routine Laboratory
Grade C - Mini Laboratory

C.7. The approval shall be suspended or cancelled if the Board has reason to believe that the data reported by the laboratory is repeatedly erroneous. Further the laboratory and its key personnel shall be liable to be proceed against for imposition of penalty (imprisonment upto five years or fine up to Rs. One lakh or both) in case the Board has reason to believe that the data reported by the laboratory is intentionally false.
C.8. The laboratory shall possess the minimum requirement with respect to instruments, equipments, lab space, etc. specified in Appendix B.


Grade of LaboratoryFor Water or Air alone  For both Water and Air
A Grade Laboratory                75                100
B Grade Laboratory                40                  50
C Grade Laboratory                20                  25

Instructions to the Applicant

  • The application is to be submitted in duplicate to the Chief Environmental Scientist, Central Laboratory, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, Gandhi Nagar, Ernakulam - 682020.
  • Government analytical laboratories need no approval.
  • Industries analysing samples from others will be considered as commercial laboratories.
  • Approval is valid for two years.